Fjallraven in conversation with new UK Bushcraft Ambassador Ray Mears

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A return to paddling in England British Canoeing’s response to the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

British Canoeing is pleased to issue this new paddling guidance today, following the lifting of some ofthe restrictions on paddlesport in England from 13 May 2020. Our new guidance is aligned with theGovernment’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy, which was published on 11 May. This guidance relates only to paddling in England, as policy and guidance in Scotland, Wales andNorthern Ireland is subject to the devolved governments and their respective national governingbodies. Our priority remains to protect the health of our members, volunteers and staff and help to suppressthe spread of the COVID-19 virus. We recommend that members continue to follow the government and public health guidelines andto stay at home as much as possible. We also want to remind members that if you or anyone withinyour ho...